More than an agency, a method.

To define us as a marketing and communication agency is reductive, because our activity adapts itself to the client’s spaces, times and objectives.

What defines us is not what we are, but the approach with which we work. A method that is applied across the most diverse and challenging projects.

We are creative consultants who think creatively and know how to realize their ideas. We collect data, we study it to propose innovative strategies that can connect companies to their professional target. After the strategy there is the creative project, which we manage & take care of under every aspect: from the image to logistics, from technological development to production, from commercial contact to public relations.

Curiosity is our guarantee to success. To keep moving forward, always adding new pieces to our capabilities. Straight to the goal without going round it.

To optimize the agencies potential we concentrate on the most focused activities, within established time limits, study them in detail, because precision creates positive results. Even though we have been doing this work for a long time we have never remained the same. Strengthened by our modularity we continue to measure ourselves with new distances to demonstrate that  B2B can be an innovative sector.

If you would like your agency to grow let yourself be brought where you want to be. And beyond.

More than an agency, a method.

Roberto Galassi
Graphic Designer
Faneva Kelladie Rianjafimamonjisoa
Web Developer
Ilaria Rossi
Senior Back Office
Antonio Guaitini
David Tavanti
Photo & Video
Valentina Carnevali
Back Office
Carlo Cancelloni
Senior Developer
Dario Ierimonti
Laura Staccioli
Web Developer
Emilio Abbozzo
Chiara Appolloni
Senior Back Office
Patrizia Papini
Accounting Manager
Marco Marini
Michele Galassi
Graphic Designer
Michela Migliosi
Senior Art Director
Angelo Salici
Business Analyst
Martina Pagliano
Social Media Manager
Massimiliano Macchia